Coyote Hill, Root 66 Series

Sunday, May 30th was the date of the Coyote Hill mountain bike race. Adam and I entered it restoring vague memories of the course from having raced there so many years ago. I remembered long, dark, earthy laps with many stream crossings, roots and rocks, and challenging hills. Not much had changed there, but coming back to the sport so many years later brings with it new dynamics amongst the competition. I am still categorised as a pro on my license, so I raced in the Pro-Open field with the Cat 1 women behind us. I lined up with three other pro girls, Mo Bruno-Roy, Linnea Koons, and Andrea Smith. Three of us were on Sevens and all of us were on titanium 26er hardtails with three, six mile laps ahead of us.

At the start, we hit the first hill. Andrea reached the top and entered the singletrack first with Mo right on her wheel. I was next, happy enough that they were in sight let alone not last. In the woods, Linnea caught up to me, then dropped back while I bridged my way up to the leaders. Due to some fumbling on their part in the technical sections, I managed to get by and had the lead for the rest of the lap with Mo right on my wheel. She went by just before the next lap and I held on to second place for much of the second lap. Linnea bridged up looking and sounding strong, but it wasn't until the start of the last lap that Andrea caught and passed me. I finished up fourth and we were all within five minutes of each other.

I am happy with this result. My racing age is now 51 and I still beat the times of all the expert women behind us. It was a pleasure to have interaction within the race, not just getting shelled out the back and riding the whole course in no-man's land.

Thanks to Seven Cycles, Stan's NoTubes, the promoters of the race series, and to Tom and Gabriela at Coyote Hill. It's a lot of work and the event was run very well.

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