The Graffiti of Doel

On our trip to Belgium this year, Adam and I went on a bike ride with our Belgian friend, Hugo Suy. He brought us to this controversial town for it's interesting story and great visuals.

Doel was once a small town like any other with a few shops, a church, and a windmill. Industry has grown up around it over the years. Now it's mostly abandoned, engulfed by a nuclear power plant and the shipping ports for Antwerp. The residents of the town have been asked to leave because they are going to demolish the whole place and dig it out to make a new harbor. They will use the rubble from the village of Doel to fill in another harbor that is not being used. There are a few die-hard residents who will not leave and vandals have already begun destruction on the rest, but a few talented graffiti artists have graced the doomed structures with their artwork. Below are a few examples of their work.

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